The Faintest Idea, March 20th 7:00PM, Lehargasse 7, 1060 Wien


The Faintest Idea

Artists: Theresa Eipeldauer, Daniel Hafner, Angelika Loderer, Kay Walkowiak, Min Yoon, Heimo Zobernig

Lehargasse 7, 1060 Wien
21. März - 28. März 2014

Opening: 20. März 2014, 19.00Uhr
Öffnungszeiten: DI - FR 12.00 bis 18:00Uhr

Curated by Cornelis van Almsick | Text by Shelly Goldstine

It was a natural phenomena. Basic geometry. Some of it play. Something striking, yet subtle. Spread over a distance. He thought about what caused it. Whatever IT was. All of a sudden it looked vague. First he was excited, then started analysing things calmly. He was thinking about it for a long time; though this was only what it felt like and all of this happened within seconds. It just felt like quite a while. When accidents happen - like the transformation of a movie to single frames. Then it came to him. All of a sudden it was all clear. Suddenly the ceiling got a little brighter. He thought about his conclusion and was very satisfied to have solved something important, something of intellectual value. And he thought about what it was that he had solved and he realized in that exact moment: 'I dont remember!' It had all disappeared. His mind was like a white sheet of paper or maybe more like a very light sketch on white paper or maybe the lightest grey of watercolors on paper. 'This is it!' he thought - the faintest idea.

Akbank Art Center, March 18th 7:00PM, İstiklal Cad. No:8 34435 Beyoğlu-Istanbul, TR


This Page Intentionally Left Blank
March 18th - May 17th 2014

Artists: John Baldessari, Fiona Banner, VALIE EXPORT, Kenneth Goldsmith, Wade Guyton, Daniel Hafner, Marianne Holm Hansen, Bethan Huws, Joséphine Kaeppelin, Michael Kargl, Ulrich Kehrer & Agnes Miesenberger, Jörg Piringer, Falke Pisano, Stefan Riebel, Karin Sander, Ignacio Uriarte, Anita Witek — based upon “The Gesture of Writing” by Vilém Flusser

Curator: Franz Thalmair

This Page Intentionally Left Blank is the first in a series of exhibitions based on a wide-reaching research about writing. The original typewritten manuscript of Vilém Flusser’s essay The Gesture of Writing provides its thematic and formal-aesthetic foundation. “To write,” says the philosopher about the basic requirements that should lead to a complete piece of writing, we need “a blank surface, for instance a white leaf of paper; an instrument which contains a matter that contrasts with the whiteness of the paper; the letters of the alphabet; the convention which gives a meaning to the letters; ‘orthography’ = correct writing; the rules which order that language, what is called ‘grammar’; an idea to be expressed in a language; and a motive to express that idea”. Understanding the act of writing as a broad culturally embedded gesture, the exhibition covers artistic, literary, as well as curatorial and editorial fields of action and combines them.

TONSPUR_passage, February 23th 5:00PM, MQ, 1070 Wien


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Daily 10–20h
8S is A project in collaboration with Matthias Hafner and the Institute for European Ethnology Vienna

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